Lately, I’ve been feeling the urge to simplify this website as much as possible. I started it in 2021 when I was fresh out of university and looking for a job. Now that I do have a job, I get to dive into technical challenges on a regular basis. This also means that, during my free time, I’m less keen on exploring software-related topics that don’t really peak my interest. For me, a personal website with a blog is not something I want to tinker with too much since there are plenty of good solutions for this problem already.

I could just reuse what I had before (using Svelte), and make some adjustments to turn it into a blog (e.g. following Josh Collinworth’s guide), but adopting a more blog-centric, ready-made approach seemed like the way to go. For now, all I want is a website with some information about myself and my projects, along with the possibility to easily add blog posts. If I didn’t plan on adding posts to the website, plain HTML, CSS, and (potentially) JS would have done the trick. However, Jekyll is a tried-and-tested solution that ticked all of the boxes.

While my goal is to keep the appearance fairly simple, the website is currently missing some personal touches. But I think it’s definitely a good start, and a way to fight my tendency to worry too much about the details. I like to think of this as a little step towards building my little corner on the Internet.